Value Added Services

Description Notes
Group/Sub-Group Call Facility

Group calls, per originating unit (single site or 3 site) per Group Number, per month.

Group calls up to 5 sites.

Group calls up to 10 sites.

Group calls "unlimited".

Higher Priority Calls

Access charge to higher priority calls per subscriber number, per month.

Emergency calls, per call.

Priority calls, per call.

Crossfleet Calls

Per originating unit per subscriber, per month.

Voice Recordings

Base Stations ONLY.


We are currently looking at options.

Unlimited Airtime

All the voice services will have unlimited " Voice Airtime" as long as the usage is reasonable. The usage of customers will be monitored over a 3-month period and compared to the average usage of all the customers. If the usage of customers exceeds the average by more than a reasonable margin, Fleetcall reserves the right to amend the pricing accordingly.

GPS Location Based Services
Gateway Fee

Access to GPS services.

Standard rate reporting

3-minute reporting intervals.

Prime reporting

30 second reporting intervals.

Mobile GPS Antennae

Hytera GPS04 Antennae *this product is subject to ROE.

PSTN Service Charges
PSTN Full Service

Monthly access charge.

PSTN Usage

Local (within 50km) Calls.

National (>50km) and other Calls.

Cellular Calls.

Detailed PSTN billing information per fleet for one billing month

Recurring monthly. (Soft copy only - current month)

Processing Charges

Charge for activation of a new subscriber number onto the system. For invoicing a temporary or permanent call barring facility on all incoming and outgoing calls on a group of subscriber numbers allocated to a customer.


Re-activation of existing subscriber number.

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