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Data Communication

Long Data Messages

A monthly access fee will be charged for the area coverage required per radio. This can vary from a single site service to a regional service
up to a full National service. Unlimited Status Calls are FREE OF CHARGE. Long data messages in a free format at 1200 bits per second are accommodated in the voice airtime quota at no extra charge. Services such as telephone interconnect, group calls and higher priority calls are optional.

Medium Reporting

Medium Reporting allows one SDM to be sent every half an hour.

Prime Reporting

Prime Reporting allows one SDM to be sent every fifteen minutes.

Short Data messages

SDM allows 23 characters to be sent between radios. A monthly access charge for a country-wide data only service is applicable.

Status messages

30 Different pre-defined messages are available and these messages are real time with positive receipt acknowledgement as part of the call set-up.

Voice Communication

Emergency calls

Another feature of the Network is the enabling of emergency calls to selected users. This feature is implemented at an additional monthly charge as well as a charge per call. An emergency enabled user will be given preferential treatment by having a channel allocated to him
which is still in use on a high site with the longest timeslot user being knocked off the channel.

Group Calls

This facility enables group calls for between a single site and 3 sites as standard or can be calculated in up to 5 sites, up to 10 sites or on an unlimited number of sites.

Individual Calls

These are calls made between one radio user and another. In most instances all these calls would be within the same fleet. If calls need to
be made between fleets, additional interfleet and interprefix codes will have to be entered. When the call is made, an indication of the
availability of the called party is given i.e. busy, available or not available. The length of the call will be limited to 90 seconds as set by
the system manager. If you have not completed your message and the call clears, simply reinitiate the call and continue for another 90 seconds.

Non-prescribed data calls

NPD Calls are typical used for dispatching purpose and requires a PC and dispatcher software. This is not a commonly used form of communication.

PABX and PSTN calls

PABX (Public Area Branch Exchange or PABX is a special feature that can interconnect calls.
Trunked radios can connect to a cellphone or telephone network and vice versa through the Public Switch Telephone Network or PSTN. The call timer for PSTN and PABX is 180 seconds. There is an additional cost that is charged per call.

Priority Calls

A feature of the Network is the capability to set up priority calls. This feature is implemented at an additional monthly charge as well as a
charge per call. Precedence is given to a caller with enabled priority call set-up to be allocated the first available channel and not stay in
the queue for the next available channel, i.e. the call is moved to the top of the queue.

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