Kenwood’s TK-7185 offers a superb range of advanced features to play a key role in the latest dispatch and fleet control applications.

Full feature mobile radio for voice and data combined with KMC32 microphone which allows overdialling for PSTN applications.

The TK-785 is fully compatible with the MPT1327 signaling standard and MPT1343 interface specifications for radios ensuring precise compliant  operation on compatible single site systems or multi-site networks.

Users can be permitted non-network conventional. Conventional mode operation can be entered manually as needed.


Kenwood’s TK-2185 defines a bold new standard for portable radio performance, scoring high marks for operating ease, versatility and reliability.

Full feature portable radio for voice and data. Keypad allows overdialling for PSTN applications.

An international open standard, MPT1327 is a proven trunked networking format for both private and subscriber system operators.

Kenwood’s TK-285 portable platform is a worldwide proven performer as well with its multi-network capability, fully customizable features and tough weather-resistant construction.